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Hello Children!

We hope you had fun at the Easter egg hunt! How many chocolate eggs did you find?

Well done to all the children who won prizes for the games, Easter hat and egg-painting!


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Did you see any
birds and animals on your walk? Here are some that live in the woods and fields where you were.

If you live nearby, and are very lucky,  some of them may come to visit you in your garden. 


Hedgehog                      Fox
Blue tit Wood pigeon
Song thrush              Blackbird
            Stag beetle Holly blue butterfly
    Badgers are very very shy though and probably won't come into your garden. 


Did you see any badger holes while you were on the egg hunt?

And who do you think lives in here? Look carefully and you will see them!                                     


Last updated 01/08/11  

Come back soon!