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Residents' Association of  West Wimbledon (RAWW)

North West Wimbledon Residents' Association (NWWRA)



Map showing areas covered by local residents' associations




Residents' Association of West Wimbledon (RAWW)

RAWW was formed in 1982 to oppose a planning brief for development of the playing fields of the Atkinson Morley's site to housing.   RAWW's objectives are to protect the interests and environment of its members. 

The area covered by RAWW essentially covers the original Cottenham Park estate, and is bounded by:
Copse Hill (Copse Hill residents are members of NWWRA)
Cottenham Park Road
Pepys Road
Coombe Lane

We are represented on the following groups and committees:

  • The Wimbledon Union of Residents' Associations
  • The Wimbledon Society Planning Committee
  • The Atkinson Morley's Task Force of the Wimbledon Civic Forum
  • Governing Council of the Wimbledon Civic Forum
  • Merton Council's Conservation and Design Advisory Panel
  • Wimbledon Sector Police Liaison Committee
  • Raynes Park Community Association (a recently formed grouping of residents' associations)
  • LUNG

RAWW's achievements to date include:

  • Prepared and presented proposals for a new Conservation Area to include the Cottenham Park Allotments, Oberon Playing Fields, the Atkinson Morley's Hospital site, and the footpaths that connect these areas to Thurstan Road and adjoining cottages on Copse Hill (now known as the Cpse Hill Conservation Area)
  • Prepared and presented proposals for a new area of Metropolitan Open Land to include Raynes Park; Civil Service, Wimbledon College and Oberon Playing fields; and the Copse Hill Conservation Area.

RAWW has taken part in consultations on all major building development projects in the area, including

  • Street management proposals (including car parking in Raynes Park, and Copse Hill traffic calming -- which we opposed in its current form)
  • Two UDP Inquiries to which we made submissions on a number of policies
  • Public Inquiry to oppose use of part of the Civil Service Playing Fields for housing
  • RAWW represents members' interests in opposing re-development or domestic extensions that conflict with the Borough's policies or un-neighbourly

RAWW also worked with local residents to obtain the Council's agreement for voluntary locking/unlocking of parks during night-time in summer months.

Recent activity has included:

  • Redevelopment of Raynes Park Library site
  • Raynes Park car parking
  • Major submission to the UDP Public Inquiry to oppose plans by the St. George's NHS Trust to use part of the land designated as Municipal Open Land (MOL)
  • Preparation of proposals for a new Conservation Area in the Cottenham Park Road, Cambridge Road, and Richmond Road areas

We have supported

  • Opposition to grant of licence to open a Wetherspoons pub in Raynes Park
  • Efforts to create the "Friends of Holland Gardens", to achieve improvements in the park

North West Wimbledon Residents Association (NWWRA)

NWWRA was set up in 1979 as a result of the proposals by Merton Council to develop the Rokeby playing fields -- now Rokeby Place residential development.

The association has over 500 households in membership, representing the vast majority of of those in our area (see above map). The annual subscription is 5.00. 

NWWRA responds to planning applications, supporting residents when a proposed development is considered excessive or unneighbourly, or out of character with the locality or the local Conservation Area. It has co-operated with RAAW over the various planning applications for the Atkinson Morley Hospital Site. NWWRA represents residents' views on traffic and parking issues, and works closely with Ward Councillors and Neighbourhood Police.