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Closure of LUNG 29 January 2018

LUNG was formed by RAWW, NWWRA and other local resident organisations in 2002 and over the last 16 years has achieved a lot.  The aims of LUNG were to protect the open land on the Atkinson Morley hospital site, increase public access to it, and ensure development on the brownfield parts as sympathetic as possible to the surrounding area.  The built development on the hospital site is now complete, and with the approval of the flat development on the adjacent Wolfson site LUNG has achieved all that it can on the built development. The MOL boundaries have been protected, and the development is less intensive and intrusive than it would otherwise have been.


The greatest, most obvious and visible achievement of LUNG is Morley Park. The creation of a new public park is a massive achievement for any community and it wouldn’t have happened without LUNG and the local resident groups it represents. The park opening has been delayed but behind the locked gates the woodland, playing fields, pavilion, meadow and paths are in place. The north/south path from Cottenham Park Road to Copse Hill is already open and secure as a public path and very much improved.  I am very pleased that Friends of Morley Park has been formed to take over the task of protecting and improving Morley Park. I ask you to give them the same support that LUNG has enjoyed and wish them success in their endeavours.


For those who would like to know more about LUNG’s achievements and the enormous amount of work that has culminated in the creation of Morley Park please see this timeline of community involvement with the Atkinson Morley site. 


Ralph Cake, Chairman of LUNG



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