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Atkinson Morley's Hospital is currently located in West Wimbledon, London.  It sits on land owned by St. George's National Health Care Trust, of which 17 acres has officially been designated as Metropolitan Land (MOL) that is protected from building development.  Within the MOL, about 3 acres has the additional designation as a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC).

Over the last fifteen years local residents have ‘seen off’ various attempts to build on this large green open space.  In this latest and most crucial phase, the Hospital is moving, and the NHS Trust is selling the entire site of 23 acres. At this point there is the greatest danger that the open land might be lost despite its protected status within planning law. 

Four local groups have supported the protection of the site for some time.  In September 2002 it was thought best to set up an ‘independent’ action group, with their joint support and backing, but separate in name and more specifically focused on saving this land as a green space and environmentalgreen lung for posterity. Appropriately, this local action group is called LUNG (Land for Urban Neighbourhood Greenspace)

Mission Statement

LUNG's foremost aim is to represent the residents of West Wimbledon who are anxious to protect the heritage and environment relating to the site being vacated by Atkinson Morley's Hospital. LUNG is therefore committed to action on two fronts that are both inter-related and of equal importance:

(1) To maintain the current boundaries of the Metropolitan Open Land (MOL) against any future development and ensure continued public access to this land.  To this end, we are looking to have the MOL sold to an independent Trust.

(2) To make sure that any development on the ‘brown field’ part of the site -- which has already been built upon by the Hospital -- is of good quality design and construction, and that proper consideration is made of the impact of the development on the surrounding area (e.g. transport, environment, parking etc)

LUNG has now formed a company limited by guarantee called Morley Park Trust Ltd (MPT), which has been set up so that it will be able to acquire the MOL when St George’s Healthcare Trust disposes of the Atkinson Morley’s Hospital grounds.

It is neither automatic nor inevitable that the grounds will come to Morley Park Trust, but that is our determination.  Morley Park Trust is however an appropriate legal vehicle for us to be able to do this.  Work done by the Residents’ Associations over recent years, and by LUNG since its formation in September 2002, has enormously strengthened the position of the local community in gaining recognition of local wishes for the use of the land.  Merton’s planners fully support the aims and practical work of LUNG, and there has been promising discussion with St George’s Healthcare Trust recently. 

The Board of Morley Park Trust also initiated an application to the Charity Commissioners so that MPT would have charitable status and the protections that that affords.  The Trust was awarded charitable status by the Charity Commission on 20th November 2003. Registered number 1100817. Click here for further details.

Having acquired the MOL section of the AMH grounds, Morley Park Trust will manage it for the benefit of the local community, into the future, as promised by LUNG when LUNG was set up.  Because LUNG is now well known, we shall continue to use the name LUNG alongside the name Morley Park Trust while there is still doubt about the fate of the AMH MOL.  When the MOL has been given to a community group to own and manage, we will review what to do with MPT.  If MPT is offered the ownership of the land, we will disband the LUNG group and focus all effort through the more appropriate MPT.  For a time, though, the two names will co-exist.